Showa DDC - Visiting Doctor's Report


Showa DDC - Visiting Doctor's Report

Showa DDC - Visiting Doctor's Report

My name is Joao Claudio da Rocha Wasniewski and I am a colon and rectal surgeon in Brazil. In my daily bases, I usually realize procedures like colonoscopies and videolaparoscopic surgeries.

Motives to come to SUITE

I have planned to come to Showa University International Training Center for Endoscopy and Endoscopic surgery (SUITE) to improve my knowledge in high definition endoscopy and magnification endoscopy and also to learn about therapeutic procedures like endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) and endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD).

I intended to upgrade my technique in colorectal videolaparoscopic surgery too. I have known that Japanese doctors are famous all around the world when the subject is endoscopy, so I resolved to try a position in endoscopy service in Japan. I chose Showa University in Yokohama because it is a specialized center in endoscopy training, the chief of the endoscopic center is the world famous Prof. Kudo and the university presents a very organized fellowship program.

Impression of SUITE

Since my fist e-mail contact, the secretary of the department was always lovely and helpful. The University website is very complete and well arranged. It’s possible to get a very good impression of the service reading the fellow’s records.

During these three months of fellowship in Showa University, I had the opportunity to see many complex endoscopic procedures like endoscopic mucosal resection, endoscopic submucosal resection, colonic and rectal videolaparoscopic surgeries and many others. I have learned new technics of detection and removing colonic lesions during colonoscopy. I saw many complex colorectal surgeries and learned new techniques for cancer resection. There are many skilled surgeons in the service and I was free to joint then in the operative room.

The digestive disease center is very organized and accounts with the highest technology for colonoscopy and for videolaparoscopic surgery. There are advanced operating theaters and a very qualified medical staff. The patient care is excellent and the medical results are amazing.

As the department also does medical researches, I had the opportunity to see some new devices that that are not available in Brazil and even devices that are just experimental. Many of this experimental technologies will promote a great impact in the future of the colonoscopy and will soon be described in respectable international medical journals.

The Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital has a great volume of endoscopic procedures and has in its medical staff some renowned endoscopists. I also could read a lot of papers from important medical journals, because the digestive disease center provides free access for the most important medical papers. During the fellow the medical staff share with me some books, articles and lessons that contributed to my learning. Professor Kudo taught excellent classes during these period.

I had been welcomed in the department and well instructed about the service routine and rules. The doctors and residents of the endoscopic department were friendly as the rest of the endoscopy team. It was a great experience to learn with these excellent doctors not only medicine, but also the cordiality and respect to the patients. I am very lucky for had spent some time next to these brilliant physicians. My experience was outstanding and exceptional! Lastly I would like to thanks the Showa University for giving me the opportunity to become a better professional in my country. I hope that in the future I might be able to come back and spend more time in the department.

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